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Thursday, June 12, 2008

haven been blogging coz these few days on com is to watch naruto de XD all my bro's fault, make me addicted to the anime.

went harmoc concert with jz and zy on mon. the esplanade one. 14 bucks for a tix. ah, so xin tong but yea, the concert was nice. though the concert hall where they performed was much smaller than i expected. haha. went there to support ivy and yh(: and after the concert, while waiting for ivy n yh to cum out, we started taking fotos(: haha. reached home almost 11 le, lucky zy's dad sent us to bishan mrt, if nt i can reach home even ltr.

oh yea, my fone still abit crazy. after repair le, the prob like still there leh. though now the prob hardly occur le. so now i abit confused, duno wan send for repair agn anot, but scared send agn will becum like my fone last time. ltr totally cant on. my dad like wan buy me a new fone or wat but i tink i shall juz take his present fone so he can go get a new one.

and gg away soon. which means my dog will be sent to the pet shop. and it's ard 100 bucks for 5 days plus grooming. gosh. money money money. will my dad pay for it? lol, if nt i will be digging from my piggy bank agn. i like keep taking frm it everytime i go out during hols. IM SHORT OF MONEY. AHH. i shall nt go out during this hols anymore ):

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ahhh, my fone spoil. yest was still alright but this morn woke up den spoil le. all the keys all screwed up. at first i typed, i thot is my hands tremble till i keep typing wrongly, since i half aslp mah. budden it's really spoilt! i dun even uds how my fone can becum like this when i juz left it on my bed juz like every other days. so i sent my fone for repair. sian la, can only collect back on sun. den hafta use my dad's spare fone for the moment since my mum sold my previous fone away. BUT his fone oso abit spoil de! cant hear wat the other person toking regardless whether is i call the person de or the person call me de. SIGH. but at least can msg. oh well, shall nt complain. though tis is AS GOOD AS NOT HAVING A FONE. AHHHHHHH. i miss my fone. LOL.

so many things to settle. my fone. and gg to cameron highlands on 14 june which is a sat, which means i hafta make up tuition. another thing to settle. and my dog hafta go to the pet shop while i m away which means MONEY. no money ):

and this wk i keep gg out. haha. tmr out for tuition, gu zheng concert. fri out too. gosh.

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

HAHA, i m so strong. i spoilt it. oh ya, it's a rubbish bin anw.

was being random. anw, today so damn suay wan go downstairs eat lunch with my bro. was hurrying him coz i was so hungry after eating only 2 pieces of bread and a packet of milo for yest lunch and half a packet of mee goreng coz my mum wan eat ): den yay, happily went down den suddenly i felt sth on my shirt. shoulder there. i was tinking how cum today raindrop drop on me oso so hard de. so i used my hand, wanted to wipe it away. den yucks, it was SLIMY. bird shit la! slimy green. AH. den i looked up, no bird lo. must be it flew past den shit de. so suay la! den i threw my whole wallet to him and asked him to buy. haha.

oh yea, i realised pple like to ask me for directions or wat in orchard when i m an orchard road idiot :D i was crossing the road with zy after tuition. den gt this woman cum ask me is there any great restaurants here? den i m like tinking if she is toking to me. i looked at her den turned the other side to c who she toking to den i ignored. i thot nt toking to me. den she asked agn. haha, where gt pple ask qns when crossing the road de! haha. xia dao wo. yea, n i juz stood there while zy ans her(:

and these few days duno wat's wrong with guys. tsk.
yest go down buy sth. before the lift open i saw 2 guys outside. thot it's normal for the outside pple to let the inside pple get out first. den when the lift opened, the both of them chiong in, like nv even let me get out. wat the. den i hafta squeeze out in btwn them. when the door is NOT BIG. lol! they so kiasu!
today went kfc to buy dinner. den when i wan walk out of door, gt 3-4 guys oso wanted get out. den gt one guy wanted to get out, den his fren before pulled his bag and yes, knocked into me. den they laughed? LOL? liddat oso fun ah?
went home after tuition den reached khatib le, wanted get out. but super crowded. den in front pple laughed laughed laughed, so slow den get out. den i was pushed. den tt person go touched my spinal bone there near my butt there -.- den at first i thot woman den nvm. den after i gt out, i turned behind. indian guy. guy agn. wat the. so kiasu for wat! mrt door gt sensor de can, nt as if the door will close and bang u. besides, the outside pple oso haven cum in. tsk. wan push oso push my shoulder la.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

yest my forehead, today my head.
yest my mum came home and rang the doorbell. den purposely use paper to cover the peephole. and of coz i noe it's her, den i played along and sae who, den refused to open door. den when i finally opened the door, she pushed the door and BANG, my forehead was HIT.
today, i crazily played with my bro den he pulled my hair and BANG, my head gt HIT. tink i can becum retarded if i get hit even more. haha.

oh yes, n i tink i these few days like mood swing. duno wat the heck is wrong with me. must be hols so sian until i becum siao. haha. i asked my mum when on our way to causeway pt if she realised i these few days siao one, she actually said YES. GOSH.

went swensens to eat. finished the main course den my mum sae let's eat ice cream den we ordered. and we waited. AND WAITED. AND IT DIDNT CUM. den we so pissed, went ask the person we ordered frm. den he still gave us this blur look(sounds like me XD), like we nv did order frm him liddat. gosh. den we sae nvm dun wan eat le. den he kept saeing sry sry sry den sae ice cream will cum in 1 min. okay lo, so we waited. AGAIN. their svc so damn lousy la. asked them for refill drink oso must wait and wait oso leh. ZHEN SHI DE. haha, den we ate the ice cream. my mum n bro shared one den i ate one. omg, i eat until so xing ku coz so damn full. haha. can sae i eat until almost wan puke ba. HAHA. coz no fair lo, nobody wan share ice cream with me ): den while eating, my mum still go sae how we can play a trick on tt blur person. LOL. mean but funny. haha. after eating, i duno how cum i kept gg toilet to pee XD

den cum home tired le my mum still wan play badminton. so we went down. den i becum energetic agn :D crazy me. den i play until my arm really tired den went home.
BUT TMR I M GONA STONE AGAIN. wat a hol. 1 mth, SO LONG.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

watched the charity show and kept tearing. and is tear alot :/ so damn sad. yes, i m so lucky to be in spore.

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oh ya, forgt sae sry to jz n ivy. u 2 hafta 收拾我的烂摊子. esp to ivy when im supposed to celebrate ur bdae. thks to both of u anw :D i appreciate tt(:

1 mth of hols, i duno wat i shld do. like for today, i stoned at home, watched tv, slp. gosh. slpt until almost late for tuition. im like a crazy woman running in orchard. if dun run, late le. and is nj the only sch which finished cts? haha, coz the tuition tcher went like i shall give u all a few qns to prepare u for the common tests after june. lol, den i was like my chem alrdy gone case le XD

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Friday, May 23, 2008

bad day today. overslpt. dad didnt want to take me to sch. so i ran to the busstop w/o even packing my bag. bus didnt cum. so i took 855 instead. lucky want late. but i shldnt haf cum to sch today. lessons so fei. n i cum sch juz to get myself pissed n sad only.

issit so difficult? this isnt the first time. im disappointed, really, nt pissed nt stressed, juz disappointed. and it hurts. it makes me really wonder why m i doing all these things when noone shows interest in it? all i juz wan is abit of enthusiasm frm everyone but..nvm. emily, you are such a fool. a very big one. maybe i shldnt haf even bothered doing such things. i cld haf devoted my time in doing better things. but when i sae i m nt gona care, can i really do it? zy, wadever u told me is so true. why bother. and my mum always ask me why m i doing all these things? maybe i shldnt haf.

perhaps the problem lies with myself. maybe u're juz nt trying hard enough, emily.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

went to ikea in the morn. went to meet zy and jz but ended up jz went to ikea tampines. sigh ): so went to shop with zy. bought wat i wanted to buy. oh yes there is this notice board i noe ikea sells. wanted to get it so can make ms ong's present when her bdae is in aug. damn kiasu me. den i cldnt find it so i went to ask this woman. she made a call and she told me no stock. i abit dun believe her la coz i heard sth like it's at this venue when she was toking on the fone den she cum tell me no stock. so i went to ask another person. she asked me go find organiser? like who issit. when i asked her who, she didnt noe and went ask another person den she told me walk str turn left. LOL, wat kind of svc is tt! so i did and i asked another person and yes i found it. still tell me no stock. total rubbish la!

had lunch and went to collect the brownies i ordered yest. yea for the class. celebrate tmr(: lol qte lost coz haf nv been to chevron hse? and me n zy still searching for the place when it's BEHIND US. LOL. so yea i gt alot of things with me. den walked to mrt tt time, the security guard still peeked into my plastic bag to c. OMG, I M NT A TERRORIST. haha. though i m carrying qte a lot of things.

after zy left i hafta carry everything by myself. lucky mrt gt the tap thing for handicapped. so i tap thru there if nt i will nv ever squeeze thru. when i walked frm khatib, practically everyone staring at me. either i look like an auntie or i look like a shopaholic. lol. i tink more like auntie since my hair flying everywhere and all i can do is to BLOW N BLOW since no hands to tidy it.

and i was so proud tt i managed to make space for the 2 big boxes plus 1 small box of brownies into my fridge. practically knelt down on the floor and keep sqeezing things here and there so my brownies gt space. no wonder i m so pro in squeezing n packing things coz i always train myself to do such things.

see how packed it is.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

common tests OVER! yes, one wk of torture is finally over. lol. over yet i screwed them all. duno whether i shld feel happy or not now tt common tests has ended. oh well, shld be able to pass all subjects. the word here is SHOULD BE. will not be surprised if i get lousy results. i cld doze off during econs n gp. stone during econs paper when everyone rushing like mad. can c i duno how to do :/ as for maths, i didnt even practise, so alot of qns i duno how do. i felt like juz giving up the paper and JUST CRY. for chem, crazy paper, so little time only! there's this one qn i do wrongly but i found out my mistake at the very last min. and it's really the very last min when the tcher saes pens down. cant change ans! bet tcher gona laugh at my ans. mcq was hard ): and physics, HAHA. it's a GONER. blanks. alot of them. and mcq TIKAM!

after phy paper, went orchard today with jz zy and yh. haha, den we were all so childish. we actually ENJOYED OURSELVES in the children's section in taka. like playing with the games and toys there. omg. and i tink i m the most childish one among us. is tt a gd thing or a bad thing? haha. den we went borders and started looking at kids' bks. like for super small kids, toddlers maybe. HAHA. this is wat pple will tend to do after mugging too much. coz we nit to DESTRESS!

after this tramautising CTs, i tink i nit to mug even harder. MUG MUG N MUG. but first i shall enjoy the 2 days hols. haha. some things juz cant be changed. for eg the slacking attitude tt i haf (:

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

labour day.
AHH so sinful.
ate buffet till bloated.
how hardworking of me.

friday which was yest, chem lesson.
gt called AGAIN. TWICE.
"why are all of you always laughing when i call emily? is there some kind of private joke?"
LOL! there is one.
mrs yeo why u always call me! ):
i nodded my head to show tt i understood wat she was saeing yet kena called agn.
but it'so okay.
this shows tt SHE LIKES ME.
i shld be happy(:

today college day.
it's super boring la.
stay in the hall to clap n clap.
wasnt even listening, whenever pple clap, JUST CLAP.
lol. siam out halfway thru which everyone else did TOO.

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